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Kyabram Danger and Warnings

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Personal Security, Dangers, and Warnings in Kyabram, Victoria, Australia

Kyabram is a small town located in the north of Victoria, Australia. While it is generally considered a safe place to live and visit, there are still some personal security concerns that residents and tourists need to be aware of.

Dangers and Warnings:

  • Street crime: like any other town, Kyabram has its fair share of street crime such as theft, burglary, and vandalism. Residents and tourists are advised to keep their doors and windows locked at all times, especially when they are away from home.
  • Bushfire: bushfires are a common occurrence in Victoria, and Kyabram is no exception. Residents are advised to have a bushfire plan in place, know their local fire danger rating and alerts and to monitor the emergency services radio and media outlets.
  • Swimming in local rivers: swimming in local rivers and creeks can be dangerous and is not recommended, due to strong currents, submerged objects and sudden changes in water depth. Visitors are advised to know their limitations and always follow the warning signs.

Personal Security:

  • Street lighting: make sure your home is well illuminated and your street has lights working to increase security and visibility during hours of darkness.
  • Locks: make sure all doors and windows have- sturdy locks in good working order, and always keep them locked when you are not at home.
  • Neighborhood Watch: joining a local neighbourhood watch group is a great way to keep in contact with your neighbours and be vigilant when there is unusual activity nearby.

Relevant Australian Government Safety and Emergency Service Websites:

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Allan St is the main street of Kyabram in Victoria thanks to Mattinbgn