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Kyabram Eco Green

Kyabram, a small town in Victoria, Australia, is home to several businesses that are leading the way in eco-friendly practices. These businesses are focusing on sustainability, reducing their carbon footprint, and promoting environmental awareness. Here are some of the businesses that deserve a special mention for their contribution towards creating a cleaner and greener Kyabram.

1) Farm Gate Trail- Farm Gate Trail is a company that provides locally-grown produce to people in the region, allowing customers to avoid using mass-produced, non-organic products that are harmful to the environment. By supporting this company, customers not only get fresh produce, but they also contribute to the promotion of sustainable farming and eco-friendly practices. Farm Gate Trail can be contacted at 0419 904 051.

2) Kyabram Community and Learning Centre Inc.- The Kyabram Community and Learning Centre provides opportunities for locals to learn skills and participate in activities that are environmentally friendly, such as gardening, cooking, and bike repair. The centre promotes the reuse of items by offering a ‘swap shop’ and opportunity shops. By providing these services, the centre promotes a culture of sustainability and environmental awareness in the community. The Kyabram Community and Learning Centre is located at 21 Lake Road Kyabram and can be contacted at (03) 5852 0000.

3) Eco-Logical Building Company- Eco-Logical Building Company is a business that specialises in eco-friendly construction. The company uses materials and techniques that reduce waste, energy use and carbon emissions, and promote sustainability. Their buildings incorporate features like solar panel installation, passive heating and natural insulation, which add to their eco-friendliness. By choosing to work with Eco-Logical Building Company, customers can help reduce the environmental impact of their construction projects. Eco-Logical Building Company can be contacted at 0412 579 670.

4) Kyabram Pest Control- Kyabram Pest Control is a company that offers pest control services in an eco-friendly way. They use non-toxic chemicals, which are not harmful to the environment, people, or pets. Their methods also reduce the risk of secondary poisoning, which can harm non-targeted wildlife. By using Kyabram Pest Control, homeowners can have peace of mind that their environments are safe, and they are not contributing to damage to the environment. Kyabram Pest Control can be contacted at 0407 578 973.

5) Kyabram Club- Kyabram Club is a member-owned club that promotes sustainability, eco-friendliness and environmental awareness. They have implemented measures such as reducing the reliance on single-use plastics, using eco-friendly packaging and providing recycling containers throughout the club. They also promote environmentally friendly practices in their menus and encourage the use of solar panels and other renewable energy sources in their facilities’ construction and maintenance. By supporting Kyabram Club, patrons can contribute to the promotion of sustainable economies. Kyabram Club can be contacted at (03) 5852 1422.

These businesses show that eco-friendly practices can be incorporated into many different types of industries, including farming, construction, hospitality, and pest control. Their efforts towards sustainability and environmental awareness highlight that sustainability can be cost-effective and even create business opportunities. By supporting these businesses in Kyabram, individuals can contribute to creating a cleaner, more sustainable planet for ourselves and future generations.

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